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Born May 27, 2024

Bridger & River

Bridger and River are fantastic dogs. Both are not only our top picks for hunting in the fall, but also our favorite picks for family and house dogs. The puppies from this litter should be nice drive and energy, but great family or service prospects as well. Bridger is 65# out of awesome field and service working lines. His maternal grandparents are working service dogs. He is incredibly personable with good energy and drive, but is still great in the house. River is 55-60# and as sweet as can be. Everyone is her friend and MUST pet her!  Based on similar past breeding, we feel confident in recommending this breeding for pet homes, service/therapy, and field or sport homes. Go to their litter page to see more info and photos!

RiverBridger copy (2).jpg

Please be sure to schedule a pickup date and check out the other links below. If any of the dates do not work please let me know so that we can schedule a date that does work for you! 

They will see the vet before they go home to get their vaccination, deworming and microchip.

Reservation List:

(order does not matter as puppies will be matched with their families at 6-7weeks)


Males: Kathy, MaryJo, Nick

Females: Frank, Katie, Kayla, Kiyanne, Donation pup (Mission: ServiceDog), Lauren

Pickup Options:

July 19-21 Montana

July 23-26th Gillette, WY

July 27th Casper, WY

After July 27th- Gillette, WY

*if you are flying or using transport please let us know and we will see what we can do to accommodate*

Meet the Puppies

As the puppies develop we will add a description for all of them!

Week Three: This has been a big week for these squirts. As their ears and eyes are now open they are experiencing a lot more sensory items! They have met some of our other dogs through the puppy gate and are listening to music and their desensitizing CD. They have started mush and love to get messy. This means they have started their litter box training as well, which will help them when we transition them to the doggie door!

Litter Photos!
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