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If you are interested in any litter please visit our purchase details tab to find out deposits, etc. We reserve the right at ANY time to change sires and timing on our litters, based on the health of the dog.  We do not breed for color or pedigree only. We breed for capable, proven working golden retrievers. Our golden retrievers have been proven not only in a family setting, but also active working partners in field, service, and sport. Our price is $2200 limited registration, full rights may be discussed after health testing is obtained.

------Upcoming Litters------
BridgerPilot  (2).jpg
Currently OPEN for reservation until puppies arrive.
Pilot was in heat 4/26/2023- Puppies are due July 8th. 

Bridger & Pilot
We are excited for this litter. This is a repeat litter and the past puppies are developing well! We love the temperaments and drive of all of these dogs.  Bridger has great drive, but is not an overly high energy boy, he does have good drive. He is built well and athletic. Pilot is a fun, medium energy female. She is more blocky in build than some field females are. She has good drive and energy, but is a fantastic family pet. Based on similar past breeding, we feel confident in recommending this breeding for active pet homes, service/therapy, and sport homes. 
see k9data for litter 
poncho_brandy (11).jpg
Currently OPEN for reservation until puppies arrive.
Brandy is bred and due July 18th. 

Poncho X Brandy
We are excited about this litter for our sport, field, hunting homes. Poncho is from proven field lines, he has good high drive and high energy. We love his desire to work and confidence in anything he pursues. Even though he has high energy, he has learned to have a great shut off in the house. This will be Brandy's first litter. Brandy is an incredibly sweet and confident dog. She has great drive but is moderate in energy which allows her to be a great house dog. We do think this will be a breeding that we can recommend not only to avid hunting/sport homes, but also active pet homes. 
see k9data for litter 
Currently OPEN for reservation until puppies arrive.
Pixie is bred and due July 21st. 

Bear X Pixie
This should be an awesome, lower energy litter. Bear is out of parents that were imported from Russia. He is incredibly personable and loves his people. He has good energy, but is great in the house. Pixie is a fun, driven dog. She is very low key in the house, but enjoys getting out to go hike or train. Based on similar past breeding, we feel confident in recommending this breeding for pet homes, service/therapy, and lower energy sport homes. 
see k9data for litter 

TENTATIVE Litters for late 2023 to early 2024
I have a handful of folks wanting to see what we have planned for later in 2023 that might roll into 2024, so I thought I would list some of the litters we are thinking we will be having! All parent information can be found on their individual pages.
Please note, these litters are just a tentative thought.
All litters may be subject to change at any time based on timing and goals that we have with training! Timing on these litters may vary depending on heat cycles.


1. River & Poncho- (estimated back into heat August 2023)

2. Skye  & Bridger- (estimated back into heat August/September 2023)

3.Kona & Dunav - (estimated back into heat September/October 2023)
         Dunav is owned by Annette Quest in Montana

Poncho_River (1).jpg
Poncho_River copy.jpg
AKC Golden Retrievers
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