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Baxter and Bella


As of 2020, we have recommended Baxter and Bella to our puppy buyers! Use the code REDPRAIRIE to get a deal on your lifetime membership.


For a Breeder



  • Our decision to partner with canine community influencers comes from a sincere desire to positively impact the puppy population for good! Without doubt, we know the right partners will create additional opportunities for us to do more for pet parents, to build upon the current training processes of today, to discover the tips, tricks, tools and techniques of tomorrow and lead toward better animal ownership and the very best in canine companionship!

  • What's more, we see partnerships as unique openings in the dog world for us to combine our efforts to improve upon outcomes, for you, for us and for the families we are able to help! Imagine, pet professionals like you, complimenting your work with our team of talented training gurus, partnering to successfully transition new puppies out of your home and into forever families for a lifetime of learning, loving and living as well-behaved pets! Simply stated, while you focus on your puppies, we are preparing future families to pick up right where you leave off, making for a smooth and seamless transition from your home and into theirs!


  • Moreover, becoming partners allows us to better accomplish our goals by working together - you in finding the best pet families for your dogs and us in helping them to become properly prepared and ultimately capable of stepping in immediately when it's time, without skipping a beat, dropping the ball or taking their eyes off the target! In short, as partners, we will teach your soon-to-be puppy parents how to become good animal owners right from the beginning to keep more dogs in loving homes where they belong!


For a Puppy Buyer



  • PUPPY PREP is our signature step-by-step training curriculum that is as much about teaching a dog how to act, as it is about coaching pet parents how to train and includes more than 60 individualized lesson plans with imbedded video demonstrations!


  • Beginning with an INTRO Unit that teaches new animal owners all about becoming familiar with the basics of puppy training, it is the strong foundation that dog training is built upon. Moreover, while it is mostly reading, It’s planned purpose is to help new animal owners understand the foundational information they will need in order to get started correctly.


  • Next, our PREP Unit reviews how to set up a house for success and effectively outlines the other important items necessary for the first day home, including shopping lists, printable charts & checklists, housetraining tips & tricks, as well as our popular SURVIVAL GUIDE, which concentrates on a few of the most critical first steps, the things new pet parents are asking about in the moment when everything else is happening quickly and survival is key! Once their puppy comes home, Units 1-5 walk pet parents through raising a calm, well-mannered dog, one who is respectful, listens well, comes when called, walks loosely on a leash, settles easily and is a joy to be around.

  • Unit 1 lessons focus on building a bond together and outline what needs to be done in order to establish a proper training routine. This is where pet parents learn about MARKER TRAINING and create the habits of important routines, including teaching SIT as your puppy’s way to say please and other great first-start items.


  • Unit 2 concentrates lesson-by-lesson on fortifying your foundation with CUES such as “COME” “OFF” “DOWN” and “STAY!”


  • Unit 3, also known as Obedience Bootcamp adds more CUES and likewise introduces a few cool tricks to the agenda!


  • Unit 4 recognizes the importance of practice and through games and other activities pet parents will work on strengthening, as well as lengthening what they have been learning!


  • And Unit 5 is where the final touches are applied and some of the more common adolescent canine challenges are addressed!


  • It's easy really, start with lesson One, read a little, watch the video example, practice the behaviors, print out the helpful charts & checklists and move on lesson-by-lesson once you are ready. Ultimately upon completion, canine companions have the ability to be impressively mannered, successfully housetrained, sensibly obedient, effectively socialized and productively on their way toward becoming that well-behaved family friend.


  • What's more, in addition to the great PUPPY PREP program, we are here to help with the planning, preparing and putting into practice the tips, tricks, tools and techniques that lead to positive puppy parenting and happier and healthier animal ownership!


  • In fact, as part of our LIFETIME MEMBERS ONLY family, pet parents will enjoy full access to so many other amazing resources too! Including LIVE! Office hours with Amy and LIVE! Canine Coaching - two exclusive opportunities to video conference directly with us in order to make sure everything is understood and you can receive additional instruction as needed. In short, we promise you will have a proven partner to hold your hand as much or as little as you would like throughout the entire puppy parenting process with all of our best resources and materials!

  • In short, PUPPY PREP and our exclusive MEMBERS ONLY is all about YOU and YOUR PUPPY as you work toward “Becoming best friends through love and learning - and we are here to help

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