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Breeder Recommendations

Products we love!

The following items are things we recommend based on our personal experience, research, and sometimes things that past puppy buyers have recommended for future puppy buyers!  

We recommend you have these items before or close to when your puppy comes home. 

Some of the products we recommend are sold by MLM or breeder kick back companies, so if you are not a fan of that we do not require you purchase through us, rather feel free to go to the main page! We recommend their products because we love them not because we want to get paid for it!

inukshuk dog food

Dog Food

We currently feed this and have been since 2022. I like the multiple proteins, ingredient quality, and our dogs do great on it.

bully sticks for dogs

Bully Sticks!

SERIOUSLY Must have! I like the braided or spirals. They work wonderful for crate training and for travel.  They love the yak chews from here, too.

antler chews

Antler Chews/Dehydrated Treats

Antler Chews- we recommend elk splits. Dehydrated chews/chicken feet/eggs/etc! 

Use REDPRAIRIE10 for 10% off

ruff-land-x-large-dog-kennel-1729511-1 (1).jpg

Ruffland Kennels


I really like these because they are light enough for me to carry and their doors are removable. We use the Large size for our adults.

lifes abundance, supplements

Dog & Cat Products

 We have used this company since 2014 for food, training treats, shampoo, and supplements.

nuvet supplements


We give the wellness  supplement (green) daily. After 6 months, we start giving them the agility supplement (blue).

Breeder 55721#

raised dog beds

Raised Dog Beds

These keep dogs nice and cool, and are not as easy to destroy as fluffy beds. These are great to clean.

pawtree dog food


Food- multiple proteins, treats, supplements, flavors. I use their supplements weekly on our dogs food!

puppy blankets and supplies

Personalized Everything!

We buy our blankets, collars, tags, leashes, bandannas, etc all here and they can be personalized with names/logos!

My puppy buyers get 10% off

dog collars

Flint Creek Collars

Collars /Tags

I like the biothane collars because they are waterproof and easy to clean (in the dishwasher). The slide on tags are great!

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