Our retired dogs are already in their forever homes. They are not up for adoption.


Each and every one of our dogs was chosen for our program based on their wonderful health and personality. We were blessed with our first Golden, Yazee, in 2009. Thankfully, we have been able to grow and better our breeding/program as we have grown and become more educated and involved in sport work, service work, and met other breeders along the way! Feel free to see the dogs we used to have in our program that allowed us to be where we are today!

My Saving Grace Taya of Montana Sky CGC

American Golden Retriever

Color: Light Golden


Retired: 7/20/2021 (one litter)

*retired early due to long heat cycles 24+ mo- risk of pyo*-we were not given the chance to keep a puppy out of Taya, but would have loved to keep our original line going.


Taya is out of our very own girl, Yazee. She is our keeper from that litter and the only dog we have kept from that line. She is from our first, original line of golden retrievers. We are excited to have her stay with our family. She is living with her guardian home, getting spoiled as a family member. She started some service dog training and has been very willing to learn and please her owner. Just like her mom though, she is content with getting some love and hanging out at your feet. She has passed her CGC title and is such a please. She is starting hunting training as well.


Hip clearance:OFA GR-128236G31F-VPI

Eye clearance:OFA GR-EYE15667/14F-VPI (8/18)

Congenital Cardiac: GR-CA34943/24F/P-VPI

Elbow clearance:OFA GR-EL47788F31-VPI

prcd-PRA status:Animal Genetics Clear

PRA1 status:Animal Genetics Clear

PRA2 status:Animal Genetics Clear

Ichthyosis status:Animal Genetics Clear

DM status:Animal Genetics Clear


K9Data Pedigree


Of HyruleUli Ordon'S CGC TKN "Gabby"

European Golden Retriever

Color: Light Golden


Retired: 03/15/2021 (three litters)

*We were able to keep a couple females out of her last litter in 2021!


Gabby is a beautiful girl from Croatia. Not only does she have a phenomenal build, but she has an awesome personality. She is a very outgoing, but sweet girl. She always seems to have a smile on her face. She has passed her CGC title and is a trainable girl with the desire to learn. She is an incredibly smart and confident girl. She passed her TKN in 2020.


CHIC Number:136844

Hip clearance:OFA GR-124415G30F-VPI

Eye clearance:OFA GR-EYE16671/31F-VPI (1/19)

Heart clearance:OFA GR-ACA3580/30F-VPI

Elbow clearance:OFA GR-EL44028F30-VPI

prcd-PRA status:Paw Print Clear

PRA1 status:Paw Print Clear

PRA2 status:Paw Print Carrier

Ichthyosis status:Paw Print Affected

DM status:Paw Print Clear


Montana Sky Wyoming's "Charlie" CGC

American Golden Retriever

Color: Dark Golden

DOB:  04/13/17

Retired: 07/01/2020 (two litters)

*We were able to keep one female out of Charlie, that is our lovely Pilot!

Charlie is out of a wonderful breeder in Montana. She has some field champions in her pedigree and an awesome nose herself. She has the natural drive to retrieve. Charlie has an awesome off button and does very well in the house. She has never had the hyper-ness that can be found in a young golden. Rather, loves to relax and. She is living with her guardian family.


PennHIP Number:.28/.30

Eye clearance:OFA GR-EYE15666/16F-VPI (8/18)

Heart clearance:OFA GR-CA34334/22F/P-VPI

prcd-PRA status:Animal Genetics 00096050 Carrier

PRA1 status:Animal Genetics 00096050 Clear

PRA2 status:Animal Genetics 00096050 Clear

Ichthyosis status:Animal Genetics 00096050 Clear

DM status:Animal Genetics 00096050 Clear

NCL status:Clear GR-CL5-1423/22F-PI OFA


Loyal Companion Winter Storm CGC

English Creme Golden Retriever

Color: Creme

DOB: 05/04/14

Retired: 09/09/2019 (two litters)

*We never ended up keeping any puppies out of Winter, though we would have liked to. She gave us only 2 girls out of both her litters.

Winter is a beautiful, 65lb English Creme golden retriever with some fantastic lines. She came to us out of Utah. She has some imported European lines as well as some American lines. Her pedigree does include a dark American golden. She was professionally trained and has passed her CGC title. She is the sweetest girl with a strong drive to play ball! While she is always up for a game of fetch, she is just as content to lay at your feet and relax. 

Hip clearance:OFA GR-116883F26F-NOPI

Heart clearance:OFA GR-CA30743/26F/P-NOPI

Elbow clearance:OFA GR-EL36808F26-NOPI

Thyroid clearance:OFA GR-TH3110/26F-NOPI

prcd-PRA status:Animal Genetics 00105361 Clear

PRA1 status:Animal Genetics 00105361 Clear

PRA2 status:Animal Genetics 00105361 Clear

Ichthyosis status:Animal Genetics 00105361 Clear

DM status:Animal Genetics 00105361 Clear


MAGGIE - Retired

American Golden Retriever

Color: Red

DOB: 2015

retired 07/24/17 (two litters)

*We never did keep a puppy out of Maggie*

Maggie is our beautiful dark American golden retriever. She has the most energy and willingness to learn! Her puppies have been very diverse. Family dogs, service dogs, and hunting dogs.

OFA eyes: "normal"

*Unfortunately we did not do other health tests at this time*


Montana Sky Golden Retrievers
Montana Sky Golden Retrievers

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Montana Sky Golden Retrievers
Montana Sky Golden Retrievers

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YAZEE - Over the rainbow.

American Golden Retriever

Color: Golden

DOB: 2009

Passed away: 2018 (two litters)

*We kept Taya out of Yazee from her last litter, who we unfortunately retired after only one litter. We are bummed we never continued a line from our original golden dog! <3


Yazee is our old gal! She was able to live a life retired at our family ranch. This is where our love for goldens began many years ago! She gave us many beautiful puppies and lots of love! We miss her everyday.

Unfortunately, we did not health test when we owned Yazee.



Montana Sky Golden Retrievers