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Transport & Delivery

We have puppies all over the lower 48 as well as in Alaska and Switzerland. While we always prefer to meet people personally either by them driving or flying in on the airlines,  we understand that it is not always possible for new puppy parents to come personally to pick their puppy up. Arranging a transport is sometimes a necessary option to getting a puppy to its forever family. Any and all costs and risks associated with transport are the responsibility of the new puppy parent. There are a couple options we utilize listed below besides. 

person with golden  puppy.png

In Person Pickup

This is our favorite option! We love to meet our new puppy parents. Usually we have people drive to our house and pickup. We can meet you at the airport if needed if you decide to fly in and fly home with your puppy!

golden puppy on an airplane.png


We do not ship cargo, but we do offer to meet flight nannies at the airport if you decide to use a nanny. This is usually $800+.

golden puppy in a car.png


If you decide to hire a ground transporter your puppy will ride in a crate to your home. We do require you to book the transport and do all your homework. Sometimes we have drivers we can recommend. 

Citizen Shipper

Citizenshipper is a large platform created to match those offering transport with those needing transport for anything you can think of; vehicles, furniture, pets, etc.. This platform allows you to create a shipment and get an estimate of cost and/or get bids to book a transporter. We have personally used this platform many times and believe it is a great resource to help guide you in finding a transporter for your pet. You can see transporter's reviews, if they have had a background check or not, their cancellation rate, how many shipments they have done, etc. to help guide you through choosing the best transporter for the job! Click the link below to be taken to the Citizenshipper website and get started on finding a transporter. 

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