Our studs are available for stud to outside females. 

We can do live cover or frozen/chilled shipped semen.

We do require a current brucellosis test be done within 10 days of breeding. 

We recommend your female have her OFA and genetic testing complete before messaging me, they will be required prior to breeding.

We would be happy to help you. 

Stud fee for our males will be price of a puppy or a puppy back depending on the stud used and female we are breeding to, with a minimum stud fee price being $2000:


Schedule a phone call here 


To use one of our studs, 
please read our agreement and contact us!

This is our contract. We will have you read and agree to the terms before breeding your female. 

We can do live cover or ship chilled semen on all of our stud dogs. All of them are proven both by natural ties and AI. 

LIVE COVER: *Negative Brucellosis test needed* If you choose to do live cover then you will need to update us when your female is in heat or expected. We prefer to have your female come visit starting on day 9, unless you choose to do progesterone testing to know her ovulation and best days. If you choose to board your female with us, the boarding fee is $25/day and added to the stud fee (outlined in the contract). We just ask that you bring her food, crate, and a blanket/bed. Your female will be safe in a kennel with us and not come in to contact with any of our other dogs except the sire. With live cover, we will expose your female once a day at least and aim for at least 3 ties. 

SHIPPING CHILLED SEMEN: If you chose to have us ship semen then the collection will be collected and prepared by Red Hills Veterinary, Dr. Button. We do keep packaging supplies on hand, so can usually ship any time of the year, but will need at least 72 hours to schedule a drop off at the vet. We have shipped dozens of time with very good success. Our biggest litter shipped was 12 puppies, smallest was 7 puppies. The cost for this is $200 shipping + vet fees (usually about $43). We use racehorse extender at a 1:3 or 4  ratio to ship. Semen will be evaluated before and after adding the extender prior to shipping. Shipping is through FedEx soonest arrival. We can send to you or to your vet. We do guarantee that when it reaches your vet there are still swimmers and it is quality to place in to your female.

FROZEN SEMEN: We currently have frozen available on Poncho, Phil, Trigger, and Bridger. We are open to selling for immediate use or selling it for you to store for later use. Either way, the price for this is the stud fee + collection cost + shipping cost. We need at least 72 hours in advance for shipping. 

Stud use application
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