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We have a lot of puppy buyers that ask us to bring their puppy/dog back for boarding when they are out of town! We love to see these puppies, so have decided to offer boarding to our past puppy buyers as long as we have availability! 

The following is our boarding program details:

*Boarding is offered at Red Prairie for puppies that were produced here - at this time we do not take other breeds (unless they are family members of our produced puppies). *

Boarding fees are $25/day 

Your dog will have their own 4x4 kennel or dog crate (if they are more comfortable) that will be theirs for the entire stay. They will sleep and eat in their kennel. As long as they are able to get along with our other dogs, they get to be outside in the yard or inside the house when we are home. If they do not get along with everyone, they will get free time throughout the day. 


Schedule for our boarding dogs

The following schedule is what to expect in our home on an average day. Times may vary by 30-60 mins on weekends or travel days. 


6:45 am –  let outside for potty (10-15 mins)

7:15 am – breakfast

7:30 am – crate  

12:00 pm – let outside for potty (10-15 mins)  

12:15 pm – place/obedience training 

1:45 pm – let outside for final potty break (10-15 mins) 

2:00 pm – crate  

4:00 pm – let outside for potty (10-15 mins) 

4:15 pm – Training, these sessions can last 15-30 minutes per dog, depending on the level of training they are receiving.

5:00 pm – feed dinner  

5:30 pm – let outside for potty (10-15 mins) 

5:45 pm – Play/Relax

7:30 pm – pick up extra food or water 

10:30 pm – let outside for final potty break 

10:45 – let inside & crate or bedtime  


Commands your dog should be introduced to: 

  • “Sit” – sit down 

  • “Down” – lay down 

  • “Place” – bed 

  • “Here/Come”- recalls 

  • “You’re free/Okay”- release command 

  • “Wait”- wait until released (at the door or in crate) 

  • “Lets Go”- come with me 

  • “Kennel”- used to crate  

  • “Heel” – walk beside me 

  • “no”- correction for incorrect behavior 



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