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Contract and Health Guarantee

Our puppies will leave here with a health guarantee and signed contract. 


All puppies will leave Red Prairie Retrievers with a health guarantee and contract.


We offer a health guarantee because it is vital to remember as humans we are not able to control every aspect of an animal growing and developing in and out of the womb, however through our selective breeding and health testing it is our goal to be able to provide you with the healthiest puppy possible. We never want our buyers to feel like they are alone if a problem arises with their puppy. Puppies will not leave until this is signed and agreed upon. 

*Please note we do not offer any monetary refunds in our guarantee. Once a deposit is placed, we will assume you agree to the contract whether or not it is signed.

Health Guarantee

All of our puppies come with:

  • Vet Checked by our Veterinarian

  • Health Records with shot/worming info

  • 2 Year Hip Guarantee against genetic moderate or severe hip dysplasia, grade 2 and 3 elbow dysplasia, and affected genetic diseases**

  • Shots & Wormed (appropriate with age)

  • Microchipped

  • Limited AKC Registration Application

  • Puppy Packet filled with tons of information put together by us.

  • Lifetime support for you and your new family member from us.


**2 Year Hip Guarantee against genetic moderate or severe hip dysplasia which cripples the dog beyond proper movement, grade 2 or grade 3 elbow dysplasia which cripples the dog beyond proper movement, and affected genetic diseases including PRA-1, PRA-2, ICH, MD, NCL, and prcd-PRA disease. 

If a dog presents with the above-mentioned health conditions at or before 26 months, Buyer is to fix the Golden Retriever and keep him/her as a companion. Breeder offers a puppy at half price in replacement of the affected puppy. If buyer would like a full replacement puppy, he/she must return the original puppy. Breeder retains the right to evaluate the puppy at their vet as a second opinion prior to any replacements being made. In the case of sudden death of puppy, breeder must receive a written notice of puppy’s death from owner’s vet, along with a necropsy report indication cause of death, paid by Buyer. We also reserve the right to acquire a DNA sample and microchip scan from the puppy to determine the dog or puppy as one of our lineages.


Limited AKC : This puppy is being purchased as a pet and therefore the following applies:

Full rights may be purchased in the future at breeder’s sole discretion for an additional cost after appropriate health testing and a title has been obtained.


The buyer agrees this dog will not be bred on purpose or by accident. If this dog sires or whelps a litter while on “limited” papers, the Buyer agrees to pay Breeder $500 per live puppy born, or to forfeit ownership and possession of the dog and all offspring back to the breeder.


Breeder does not guarantee color, size, championship, sport, hunting, service, work ability, or temperament. 

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