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Price and Deposits

We do request that you get in contact with us or have the puppy adoption application sent in before sending a payment. 

If you are out of state we would like to make sure we have travel plans and shipping details sorted out before you commit to a puppy because deposits are non-refundable. 

THE PRICE FOR ALL OF OUR PUPPIES currently is $2,500 - pet only papers are given with all puppies, full rights will be granted to breeder's who qualify after health testing has been complete at 24 months of age and a title obtained (minimum of a CGC) at the breeder's discretion with the difference paid in the current price


We do require that we have all your contact information and have spoken with you on the phone before we get any type of deposit or payment. 

ALL Deposits are non-refundable except in the case something happens on our end prior to the puppy leaving. We can take deposits in form of GoodDog or cash. All checks and letters must be written to Kourtney Haddix. 


If for any reason you put a deposit down and decide to wait for another litter you have 12 months to pick another puppy (unless we do not have a litter available in that time). 

Get on our list

Because we like to have time to screen homes and get to know our puppy parents, we do take "early deposits" of $200 before the breeding has taken place. After pups are born, we will take the remainder of the deposit ($300).

This deposit is applied towards the total deposit and the total price. 

Total Deposit

The total deposit is $500 and will go towards the total price.  Putting a deposit down will secure your spot on our list for a puppy, or guarantee a certain puppy if we have already discussed that specifically.


If you have paid an "early deposit", then you will only have the difference remaining. 

This deposit is applied towards the total deposit and the total price. 


How do We take Payment?

We can take deposits in form of card (Good Dog) or cash. 


GOODDOG PAYMENT here- (do not sent without talking to us first)



Military, First Responder and Past Puppy Buyer Discount 

Kourtney is a first responder, EMT and we have grown up with military and first responder family. We are thankful for all that you do for us. If you are a first responder or military, we give a $100 discount off the total.


WE LOVE OUR PAST PUPPY BUYERS, so love to give you a discount. We will take $200 off your total price if you are purchasing your second or third puppy from us!


Please reach out to us for that and let us know so we can be sure to give the discount. 

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