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Pickup Day!

We allow pickups when puppies are 8 weeks of age. If a puppy needs to stay longer, we will discuss starting training and price for that! On pickup you will receive your puppy and a packet of goodies (what's in the packet is discussed below). We will go over and enroll your puppy with their health insurance (free for 30 days) and microchip. We will also go over the documents we have for you, including the vet information and food.


We can meet our puppy buyers outside our home for their convenience, but welcome you to come see our dogs and where the puppies have been raised when they are 8 weeks old in our home. We will make these arrangements prior to their pickup date!

When you arrive to pickup your puppy please bring the following:


Please, keep in mind your puppy is not completely covered for sickness until his/her shots are finished. We recommend that when you are stopping to let your puppy go potty to make sure that it is a safe spot that other dogs may not usually stop at. Puppies can show symptoms of sickness within 3-10 days of exposure, so keep a close eye on your puppy after they get home to make sure they were not exposed on the way! Keep your puppy at home and away from unvaccinated dogs until they get their third series of vaccinations.

your puppy Pack

I love to shop for puppies, so your puppy comes with a great puppy packet!! Here is what we include (subject to change at any time depending on what I find!):



-Blanket w/mom's smell on it


-Bag of goodies



-Travel Bowl

-Poop bags

-AKC Registration (we will go over this the day of)

-Information Packet (puppy care, nutrition, etc)

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