I am often asked about when people get to pick their puppy, what my puppy packet includes, and what to expect at pickup, so I figure this might be a good spot to explain that! We like to get our puppies started off right, therefore pickup will be a good time to ask questions and our puppy packets will contain some great information and goodies!



We do picks in order of deposit received and will HELP people pick their puppy. It is important that each puppy has a home that will be the best fit. We will schedule a "pick day" where people can either visit or schedule a phone call to discuss the puppies and pick one out. We do picks at 6 weeks of age because we do vet visits at seven weeks and I like to make sure we have all of our paperwork in order before we go to that. 



We allow pickups when puppies are 8 weeks of age. If the puppy has to stay beyond 9 weeks of age, we will charge $25/day and we will start training. We do not allow this unless it is spoken about prior to pickup. 

On pickup you will receive your puppy and a packet of goodies (what's in the packet is discussed below). We often meet our puppy buyers outside our home for their convenience, but welcome you to come see our dogs and where the puppies have been raised when they are 8 weeks old in our home. We will make these arrangements prior to their pickup date!


When you arrive to pickup your puppy please bring the following:

1. The difference that you still owe on your puppy in CASH. We are not taking personal checks AT ALL. We will take credit cards for pickup in person through GOOD DOG if it is paid 2 weeks in advance. If you are traveling, let us know and we will figure out a payment method for in advance.

2. Crate and water... We recommend that you bring a crate for the puppy to sleep in while he/she is in the car with you. However, some people prefer to hold the puppy on their laps. A bowl for water is also recommended. We do not feed our puppies much the day they travel (to avoid sickness or accidents), so bring light snack and some water if you have a long drive ahead of you.  


-Please, keep in mind your puppy is not completely covered for sickness until his/her shots are finished. We recommend that when you are stopping to let your puppy go potty to make sure that it is a safe spot that other dogs may not usually stop at. 


*That is all for now. I will update if I can think of anything else required at pickup!


I love to shop for puppies, so your puppy comes with a great puppy packet!! Here is what we include (subject to change at any time):

- Collar

- Microchip tag 

- Leash

-Travel bowl

- Hand made blanket (with momma/litter's smell)

- Toys (ball, stuffed animal, etc)

- Samples (treats, supplements, etc)

- AKC registration (we will fill this out at pickup)

- Information packet (puppy care, food care, etc)

- Puppy culture information (for you to continue)

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