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Here is a checklist to prepare for your puppy! Make sure you are ordering these products so they arrive before your puppy does! :) Make sure to take a look at our “breeder's recommendations” page on our website for more products and links!  

Some of the products we recommend are sold by MLM or breeder kick back companies, so if you are not a fan of that we do not require you purchase through us, rather feel free to go to the main page! We recommend their products because we love them and personally use them! 


Products are listed in order of importance! Spend your money on the most important items, don’t go cheap on those items or you will be paying for it in the future. Give your best friend the best chance at a long healthy life! 

1. Quality dog food-

We recommend the following foods. Your puppy will be weaned onto Inukshuk 26/16 professional dry food. You can purchase this from us if you are local for $60/bag or order it on Chewy.  



*Order Life’s Abundance Nutritional System and Agility Formula at or call 1-877-387-4564 breeder rep Kourtney Haddix #20274019. 

* Order TLC Pet Food at 

*Order PawTree Diet and Supplements at    or call 1-855-697-2987  PetPro Kourtney Haddix 


2. Daily immune and wellness supplements-

We use and recommend Life's Abundance wellness or Nuvet supplements. Puppies can get a wellness and immune supplements for now, then agility supplements can start at 6 months of age or earlier if the puppy has growing pains. We suggest you order this when the pups are 6.5 weeks old. Shipping is 3-5 business days. 


-Nuvet breeder #55721 


3. Treats for training and chewing-

We use and recommend Life's Abundance treats (lots of varieties) and Paw Tree treats (also lots of varieties). Also can contact your local butcher for bones and antlers cut in half. For training the Life's Abundance Tasty Rewards and Berry treats are perfect for size and for them to eat quickly during training. We also make homemade treats and will send the recipe to anyone who would like it.  You can also use food as training treats too! For chewing and distraction in the crate, the Buffalo chews are perfect! Don’t forget dental treats for teeth health! 



- use code REDPRAIRIE10 for 10% off. 


4. Crate-

We recommend for cost efficiency to buy an Xlarge wire crate with a divider your puppy can grow into. The divider will allow you to alter the size as the puppy grows! We do recommend you cover the crate to create a “den” for your puppy. We do personally use the Ruffland crates for travel and our own dogs. Large size. 


5. Shampoo/ear cleaner/bath mist-

We use and recommend Life's Abundance shampoo, ear cleaner, and bath mist. All three will last you a long while and are necessities especially if your dog does a lot of outdoor activities 


6. Beds-

We use and recommend dog beds from Costco and raised beds from Chewy. To save money I would skip buying small beds and just go straight to buying large beds. For crate beds, I would use something that is easy to clean in case of an accident. Also keep in mind puppies like to chew so buy chew resistant beds. 


7. Collar/leash-

Your puppy will go home with a puppy collar and leash. We suggest to take off the collar if the puppy goes in the wire crate or a playpen. We like the collars customized by flint creek pet products. They make tags that slide onto the collar.  No dingling and the tags won’t fall off. 


8. Toys-

Your puppy will go home with some common toys we personally use. Great options are rubber balls, chew resistant stuffed toys, fleece ropes, Kong, etc. We recommend avoiding real rope toys, normal stuffed animals, and rags that can be very harmful when ingested. These can wrap up in the intestines which can be fatal. Also avoid tennis balls or make sure once they start to get dirty or deteriorate to throw them out. The glue used on them is very bad for their teeth. 


9. Brush/comb-

We like to use the curry comb. It’s perfect for pulling out that shedding undercoat without cutting the hair. You can also use a deshedding tool! 


10. Nail clippers- 

Make sure you are regularly trimming nails! They will have had multiple nail trimmings before they go home. 


11. Veterinary care-

Make sure you do your research on veterinarians and find the best for your pet! Set an appointment early and make a positive relationship! We suggest scheduling within the first 72 hours of your pup going home. 


Other important checklist items! 

1. Parasite control-

Your puppy will leave with age appropriate preventative deworming. For fleas/ticks we use and recommend Paw Tree spray. Set up a regular deworming schedule with your vet (we recommend your puppy be dewormed at 2,4,6,8,10,12,16,20 weeks and then every 1-3 months after that depending on the deworming product). Make sure you get them on a heartworm product as well when it’s age appropriate.  


2. Vaccination schedule-

Your puppy will leave up to date on age appropriate vaccinations. Make sure you set up a vaccination schedule with your vet! Until your puppy is complete on puppy booster shots, avoid any places that have high traffic possibility of unvaccinated dogs (pet stores, feed supply stores, dog park, etc.). Playdates with other vaccinated pets is highly encouraged! 


3. Positive social experiences-

Make sure your puppy gets plenty of positive social experiences with other pets, kids, strangers, etc. 


4. Obedience classes-

We highly recommend obedience classes of some sort. A well-behaved dog that has rules and boundaries is a happy dog and happy owner. These classes can start right away as long as other members of the class are vaccinated. If you don’t do classes, make obedience training a part of your daily schedule!  


5. Training-

We recommend the puppy culture training program as well as the Bella/Baxter training program (code REDPRAIRIE for a discount). 


If you have any questions or concerns about anything do not hesitate to ask us! If you think of something else you might need that we forgot to list on here let us know! :) 

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