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Check list!

Below is a checklist that we put together with items we consider essential for you to consider/purchase for your golden retriever puppy before he/she gets to your home! We recommend to start looking at these items early and make a plan to get them ordered so they arrive before your puppy does.

I have links to a lot of the products on my Breeders Recommendation page!



Your puppy is weaned onto the Inukshuk 26/16, it is a All Life Stages. 

You can get it from chewy or pick up a bag from us on pickup for $60.


Chew Sticks

You will want options while your puppy is chewing. We recommend Bully sticks, Yak Chews, BeneBones and Antler chews (half/splits).


Dog Beds

Our favorite beds to use are raised beds due to being comfortable, space saving, and most importantly, easy to clean. To save money I would skip buying small beds and just go straight to buying large beds. We use Primo pads in our crates.



Our favorite tool to use when brushing our dogs is the de-shedding tool. It does the best job pulling out the loose undercoat while not damaging the top coat. Curry Combs are also a nice tool to use to get loose undercoat out. Both of these tools can be found on Amazon or Chewy.



Your puppy will leave with age appropriate preventative deworming. Ask your vet about heartworm, flea/tick and regular worming.



I recommend a wellness/immune supplement starting at 8 weeks of age to help build the immune system and then implement an agility supplement (glucosamine) around 6 months of age. 

Our code is 55721#


Training Treats

We use and recommend Life's Abundance treats (lots of varieties but our favorites are the Nutritional Rewards and Berry Treats, Paw Tree treats (also lots of varieties), TLC Dog Biscuits, Antler Chews, Yak Chews, and Bully Sticks.



Crate training will make life easier for potty training as well as give your dog a safe space. We use Rufflands (large). I always recommend an enclosed crate, or a cover for wire crates so the puppy has a "den". We recommend crating during unsupervised time until at least 12 months old and get through the teenage phase!


Collar and Leash

Your puppy will go home with a puppy collar and leash.


Nail Clippers

Make sure you are regularly trimming nails either yourself or taking them into your vet or groomer to be done! Before puppies go home, we trim toenails about every two weeks or sometimes once a week if they are growing quicker.  


Hygiene Items

Life's Abundance, Paw Tree, and NuVet all have nice quality shampoo, ear cleaner, bath mist, etc. with safe and natural ingredients. 



Your puppy will go home with some common toys we personally use. Great options are rubber balls, chew resistant stuffed toys, fleece ropes, West Paw Toys, Kong, etc.


Vet Care

Make sure you do your research on veterinarians and find the best for your pet!  Your puppy will have his/her first vaccines around 8 weeks before leaving our home but we recommend you get your puppy into your own vet within 72 hours of bringing them home for a wellness exam.


Puppy Training

We highly recommend obedience classes of some sort. A well behaved dog that has rules and boundaries is a happy dog and happy owner. 

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