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CO-OWN Program

We work together with local families!

We are very passionate about our dogs being valued family members and not living life as kennel dogs. Our dogs live in our house. Working together with some local homes has worked out to allow some of our dogs the chance to bless other homes, but have the benefit of remaining in our program, like training and going to events. 

Our co-own families own all pet rights (they will live with you majority of the time as a valued pet) and we own breeding rights (they come back to us for titling, health testing, and breeding -if they meet the requirements). ​

We are only interested in individuals or families that are passionate about our breed and dogs having an active fulfilled life.

We have one adult dog we would consider for a co-own and a male or female puppy from one of our future litters!


Benefits and Requirements

Why this program?

  • This program allows families a well bred, trained, and health tested dog or puppy at less than our normal cost.

  • We help pay for training which can be ideal for families that cannot dedicate the time to properly train a puppy.

  • It allows us to work closely with a family for the dog, so they are already in their forever family from the start.

  • We can continue to grow our program while keep all of our dogs in family homes.

  • We can work together with families to make sure our dogs integrate into the perfect family to retire with while we are still working with them.


The family we are looking for...

  • must live within 3 hours of Gillette, WY (we are flexible if you are willing to come to us). 

  • must be willing to deliver the dog to us when needed for testing, eventing, or breeding.

  • must have a fenced yard (or ability to contain) and be willing to go on walks so the dogs receive adequate exercise to stay in shape.

  • must continue to feed a high quality food and treats.

  • must be willing to keep up with her necessary yearly vet visits and routine care 

  • must be motivated to keep up with the basic training of their dog.


The Buyer:

  • will pay an upright fee that is less than our purchase price and is returned upon the first litter. 

  • will be paid for every litter we have with them while they are in their home (at least $200/ puppy for a female and up to $500/litter for a male).

  • will have a dog that is health tested fully (hips, elbow, eyes, cardiac, and genetics).

  • will only have to pay for up to half of the training costs if we decide to do formal training (we pay for all of the titling costs and at least half of the training fees).

  • may visit the dog and puppies any time while they are in our home.

  • has free boarding with us while they are out of town on vacation or trips.

You can be a part of working with our breed!

All litter raising and puppy placement is done in our home, families may visit the mom/puppies at any time.

Once the dog retires from our program, they will be fixed and retired to the co-own home (before the age of 6 years old and after a maximum of 3 litters if the dog is a female).

​Our goal for this program is to meet the high standards we are requiring for our breeding dogs with not only health, but also training and titles on every one of our dogs. We can integrate our dogs into families were they will be spoiled family members, and still remain part of our program. This means that they can be a part of their forever home from the start. We get attached to these dogs, so we will be picky with who we choose to work with.

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