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Our Co-owns

The following are the dogs that currently live in homes of our friends or family! Our co-owns provide a wonderful home for the dogs, and we still have access for them in our program. Let us know if you are interested in a co-own with us, please visit our co-own page!

Click on their names/photos to go to their individual pages.


Pixie has a wonderful local home. We do have a couple young girls that are in co-own homes we are waiting for them to grow up and pass health tests. After they pass health tests we will post their pictures here. 

Pixie (4).jpg


Phil lives just 5 minutes away from us with a local family! Colt is 15 minutes with a local family. Zen is co-owned with a breeder friend of ours in MT. Fin is looking for a local co-own.

Colt (9).jpg
AKC Golden retriever, golden retriever in wyoming, golden retriever puppy, field golden
zen (1).jpg
Fin (1).jpg
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