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Due September 2024

Fin & Pixie

Fin and Pixie have produced wonderful low to medium energy service and therapy dogs. All of our puppies are born and raised in a nurturing and loving environment. Fin and Pixie, our personal family members and breeding dogs. They have proven to produce service and therapy puppies with distinctive and desirable traits. 

Bear Pixie

Please be sure to schedule a pickup date and check out the other links below. If any of the dates do not work please let me know so that we can schedule a date that does work for you! 

UPDATE! Their vet visits are scheduled for March 20th before they go home (we did reschedule from the 22nd d/t a scheduling conflict).

Meet the Puppies

As the puppies develop we will add a description for all of them!

Week Six and Seven: These puppies might be the quickest ones to catch onto the doggie door training! As of the end of the 6th week they are using the doggie door to potty outside about 85% of the time. Their litter box is being removed to encourage them to go outside all the time for pottying. They have begun crate training (they do not love it yet and are quick to voice their opinion) for some exposure. They have met a cat and some of the young dogs as well as a few new people this week! They will see the vet and get their health paperwork as well as vaccination, deworming, and microchip!

Litter Photos!
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