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Born January 31st, 2024

Bear & Pixie

We welcomed 5 chunky babies into our house on January 31st. These puppies all came healthy and Pixie was a fantastic mother! Below are the photos and descriptions of the puppies. We will update this page as frequently as possible when there is new information.

Pixie and Bear are prime examples of what we would like to continue to produce.  They are great in the house, easily trained, and make wonderful pets. Our breeding program is designed to produce puppies that are healthy, playful, and full of energy. These puppies will be easily trained and full of natural socialization, so they are well-behaved and friendly with other dogs and people. Their previous litter produced successful therapy and service dogs!

Bear Pixie

Please be sure to schedule a pickup date and check out the other links below. If any of the dates do not work please let me know so that we can schedule a date that does work for you! 

Meet the Puppies

As the puppies develop we will add a description for all of them!

Week One: We are handling the puppies often touching and snuggling. We are also monitoring growth and weighing the puppies.  This week the puppies sleep and eat a lot! They are still in our master bathroom so I can hear and check on them often. 

Week Two: Puppies are still in our master bathroom. As their eyes are opening they are being introduced to household sounds and getting their daily ENS. They are being held and snuggled a lot. I have noticed them perking their ears when I talk to them. Their eyes will be completely open this week! 

Litter Photos!
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