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Upcoming females:

Please note: Not all of these young dogs may make the cut into our breeding program. 

These dogs are our young, upcoming dogs either in our home or living with a co-own home. These dogs are training and we are assessing them to see if we will add them to our program. They will have to be tested and pass their hip, elbow, cardiac, eye and genetic test plus obtain a title prior to joining our program. We wanted to share their pages so people who are looking for a future pup can keep an eye on them while they are growing! These dogs are not dogs we will 100% add to our program. Some may be available as started dogs. 

SHR Everready I M Ready JH DJ FITB
turns two 9/2023

Dee copy (1).jpg

HR Red Prairie Bayous One Chance SH WC DS
turns two 11/2023

Fancy copy.jpg

SHR Red Prairie's Sweeter Than Maple DS
turns two 1/2024

Maple copy.jpg

SHR Red Prairie Cimarron Tavra JH VHMP
turns two 05/2024

Tavra copy.jpg

SHR Red Prairie Ten Rounds Of Goosetown JH WC
turns two 04/2024

Teak copy (1).jpg

Red Prairie Don't Take My Man DJ
turns two 10/2024

Jolene copy.jpg

Upcoming males:

Pemberley's Red Prairie Gold Digger
turns two 5/2024

Miner (2).jpg

Red Prairie Storms Rolling In
turns two 9/2024

Storm copy (1).jpg
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