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Service / Therapy Training

*Please note this program is only offered to therapy/service prospects, and is always dependent on if Summit has the time to take on new puppies*

Training is one of the most important aspects to owning a puppy. How well you train your dog will impact how well your dog behaves down the road.

We have a huge passion for service work and being able to donate puppies to those in need. It is our goal to provide happy and healthy working dogs to those around us! We are so happy to announce we have been given the opportunity to partner with Tidal K9 in Florida again! They specialize in service dogs for mobility, wheelchair assist, ptsd, and even work with protection dogs. Because of this, we have a program designed to help fund those puppies and allow our puppy buyers another opportunity who are going to be going into service and therapy homes!


Red Prairie is currently offering an 12 week (minimum) training course for basic obedience with a start to service and therapy work for your puppy through Tidal K9 - Summit Earhart - Summit is an awesome, young trainer located in Florida. We have worked closely with him for over 5 years now! He specializes in service work, including mobility, wheelchair assist, and PTSD. Summit used to run our puppy training program when we lived closer, before he moved to Florida.  In the recent years, we have been in touch and decided to start this basic obedience puppy program up again!

The following is our training program details:

Training is offered through Red Prairie with Tidal K9 for an extra expense of $250/ week for our puppy buyers which includes boarding, food, and training supplies for 12 week minimum.


*Please note that this cost does not include the purchase price paid to us for purchasing your puppy or all of the transport costs for him to travel to you and train/graduate the puppy. *


This is for a 12 week boot camp program to get your puppy an early start on that training that takes extra time and consistency such as potty training, house manners, obedience and introduction to the service/therapy work that the dog will be doing. Summit will take the puppies at 8 weeks directly from us and take them down to Florida for this program. He will work directly with you while the puppy is training and fill you in on all the training that he is starting with your puppy. Summit will then bring the puppies directly to you for training in your home, at your expense. This will allow him show you the commands he has used with your puppy. After your puppy is home with you, you will be able to reach out to Summit regarding any training needs that you have afterwards! 

This is not a cheap program, but the benefits on getting these dogs started right is key for the jobs they will perform in the future. Summit's normal rate is $750/week for training and service work, so this is a killer deal!



1. Allows (in any position) petting by a person other than the owner

2. Grooming-Allows owner handling and brief exam (ears, feet)

3. Walks on a Leash-Follows owner on lead in a straight line 

4. Walks by other people-Walks on leash past other people

5. Sits on command-Owner may use a food lure

6. Down on command-Owner may use a food lure

7. Comes to owner when called

8. Reaction to Distractions

9. Stay on leash with another person

10. Crate training.


1. Potty training- doggie door

2. Ability to be crated for a short period of time without anxiety 

3. Socialization with other pets & kids

4. Wait by door until released to enter/exit

5. Basic house manners


1. Free of aggression toward people

2. Free of aggression toward other puppies

3. Tolerates collar or body harness

4. Owner can hug or hold puppy

5. Puppy allows owner to take away a treat or toy


Schedule for Training  

The following schedule is what the pup was accustomed to in the trainer's home on an average day. Times may vary by 30-60 mins on weekends or travel days. 


6:30 am – let outside for potty (10-15 mins) 

6:45 am –  feed breakfast 

7:15 am – let outside for final morning potty break (10-15 mins) 

7:30 am –crate  

12:00 pm – let outside for potty (10-15 mins)  

12:15 pm – Play/Training – aware of puppy’s location at all times 

1:45 pm – let outside for final potty break (10-15 mins) 

2:00 pm – crate  

4:00 pm – let outside for potty (10-15 mins) 

4:15 pm – Play/Training- aware of puppy’s location at all times 

5:00 pm – feed dinner  

5:30 pm – let outside for potty (10-15 mins) 

5:45 pm – Play/Relax- aware of puppy’s location at all times 

7:30 pm – pick up extra food or water 

10:30 pm – let outside for final potty break 

10:45 – let inside & crate or bedtime  


Commands your dog should be introduced to: 

  • “Sit” – sit down 

  • “Down” – lay down 

  • “Place” – bed 

  • “Here/Come”- recalls 

  • “You’re free/Okay”- release command 

  • “Wait”- wait until released (at the door or in crate) 

  • “Lets Go”- come with me 

  • “Kennel”- used to crate  

  • “Heel” – walk beside me 

  • “no”- correction for incorrect behavior 



1. Keep an eye on your puppy when he/she is in the house at all times- no free roaming. 

If you are unable to watch at all times, puppy must be in the crate or outside. We cannot scold a puppy for pottying in the house when we do not see it.  

2. Ignore whining or barking in crate. Do not let him out until he has calmed down and is quiet. 

3. No water or food in the crate. Bones and toys are fine in the crate. 

4. Pick up water at least 2 hours before bed.  

5. Keep him off a leash as often as possible and make his recall fun (high pitched and excited “come here”. Never chase him. Reward him when he comes up to you. 

6. If he does not follow a command on the first try, say “no” and give a correction. 

7. Tell or ask him what you are doing. We notice dogs understand a lot of words. For example: “wanna go outside?” or “outside” generally results in our dogs wagging their tails and heading towards the door. Some other good words to learn would be walk, leash, ball, or off.  



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