FAQ and Policies

This page is designated to pinpoint our policies or "rules" that we have set with our program for purchase and our health guarantee. Our policies have not been set in place to keep control, rather because we care for our puppies and guidelines have needed to be set. This also ensures there will be no secrets or miscommunications. By having it all written down, we will all be on the same page!
If you don't like some of our policies, please get in touch.
  • How do I buy a puppy? 

Most of our litters have a list of deposits for future homes prior to them being born. This is so we can get to know our families in advance. So, if you want to get on our list for a puppy please check out our purchase details tab and then contact us! We always do phone calls with future buyers, so we will give you a call after you schedule that (after filling out the application) on our website.  

  • Is my deposit non-refundable? 

Yes. Why? Our deposits are non-refundable because it is not fair that we turn away other people for someone who is not ready to commit to a puppy. Placing a deposit shows us your commitment, and in turn we are committing to you and holding your puppy. 


  • Payment may be made in cashier check, Venmo, or cash only. 

Why? Unfortunately, we have had some misfortune with people sending us personal checks. So, to avoid this we have decided to make it a policy to not accept them. We have been taking venmo for most of our deposits.

  • Can we come visit? 

Yes. If you have a deposit down on one of our puppies we will schedule a visit at 5-7 weeks of age. We try to allow visitors to come visit our dogs and puppies when our puppies have had their first shots IF they have a deposit down. We do not allow folks to visit if they are puppy shopping. It is very important to keep sickness out of our home for the safety of our puppies. To do this, we may have to limit visits during certain times of the year or when sickness is going around. Visits must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance.

  • When can I pick my puppy up? 

Puppies can be picked up no sooner than 7 weeks of age, following their vet visit, but we prefer to wait until they are 8 weeks. Why? It is very important to us that your puppy is healthy, up to date on shots, and socialized well before leaving our home. In order to do this, we believe that puppies should stay with their litter mates and mother until they are at least 7 weeks old, preferably leaving after 8 weeks of age.  


  • Is the price negotiable?  

No. Why? We have set our prices where they are in order to pay for our litters and invest in the future of our program. Our prices are average or lower than other breeders who do less for their puppies. We give discounts. 


  • What do you have for discounts?  

Discounts are given for military, EMT/fire/police and SD. Why? It can be hard to wait for a puppy, but we prefer to have a nice list of future homes before our litters are born. In order to do this, we give discounts for committed families. We also appreciate our military, EMT/fire/police, and families in need of a service dog.  

  • What happens if we cannot keep our dog/puppy? 

We will take them back. Why? We raise our puppies and adore them from day one. This means we get attached to them and want the very best. We understand life happens, but we like to know where our puppies and dogs will be going, so they are not put into the wrong hands or lost to us. We prefer to find them nice homes that will keep in touch with us. 


  • When do I fix my puppy?  

All pet only puppies will be recommended to be neutered/spayed AFTER 18 mo of age. Why? Puppies need hormones to grow correctly. In order to let this happen, puppies need the hormones they are getting while intact to grow. We require our owners wait and give them the chance to grow before neutering or spaying them early. We also require this to prevent accidental breeding. A dog who is going to be pet only should not be left intact for accidents. This is one we can chat about if a person feels they can keep their dog intact and puppy-less. Please see the when should I fix my puppy page here


  • What do I feed my puppy?  

We recommend Lifes Abundance and PawTree for diets. Why? Proper nutrition is vital for a puppy to grow. Nearly 60% of hip dysplasia can be traced back to poor nutrition. If we are going to guarantee your puppy be free of hip dysplasia and other diseases, we prefer you do your part and feed a food that they can get all their nutrients from. Please see our health guarantee here, which requires at least a 4+ star food if you do not continue with a food we recommend.


  • What if my dog gets lost, what does the microchip do? 

If your dog gets lost please see the microchip page here, first. The microchip is not a tracking device, rather a chip with contact information on it. We remain a contact on our puppies microchip in case of an emergency or sticky situation. We promise to keep 100% of our dogs out of the shelter. To be able to do this, we need to be notified if they end up their by accident or on purpose. If any of our dogs ended up in a shelter we could go snag them and figure out what happened. 


  • Can I breed my dog?  

If limited rights were purchased, you have agreed to not breed your dog. We do in most cases allow full rights to be purchased after the dog has grown up and health testing has been complete.  We also require the rights to be purchased PRIOR to the dog being bred. This is not just our rule. AKC will not register a litter that is born before the dog's full rights have been obtained. So that, unfortunately, is not something I can do.  



  • We get first pick on all of our litters  

  • We have the right to refuse to sell to someone based on our own discretion. 

  • We have the right to change studs on our litters if need be (usually just around training and timing)

  • We cannot guarantee timing on litters (but do our best to guess based on previous heat cycles)

  • Visits and Pickups are scheduled in advance by at least 48 hours. 

  • If our buyers are unable to keep their dog/puppy, we have the first right of refusal. 

  • All pet only puppies will be recommended to be neutered/spayed AFTER 18 mo of age for our health guarantee.  

  • Our health guarantee requires our puppies to be placed on a diet of a 4star or more. 

  • Payment may be made in cashier check or venmo. 

  • We will remain a contact on all of our puppies microchips.