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Current Litters

These litters are on the ground!

Bear & Pixie

Litter is Reserved, (one co-own/guardian puppy available)

Pixie gave us 5 beautiful puppies. 3 F, 2 M

Puppies ready to go ~March 2024.

This should be a nice low to medium energy litter with the capabilities of great family dogs, weekend hunting and competing in sports or doing service and therapy work! Bear is 75# . He is incredibly personable and happy about everything he does. He has good energy, but is great in the house. Pixie is 55#. She is a very sweet and loyal girl. She is great in the house and settles quickly, but has some natural prey drive.  This is a repeat litter and the first litter is doing wonderfully. Growing well and training for service and therapy work. 

Based on similar past breeding, we feel confident in recommending this breeding for pet homes, service/therapy, and low energy field or sport homes. Go to their litter page to see more info and photos!

PixieBear copy (3).jpg
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