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Opportunities for Breeders

The following items are opportunities that breeders can become a part of for their program!  

Some of these programs we are associated with, and some are ones we are not associated with. The pet industry is a 40+ billion dollar industry. I share this information because I believe that us breeders that invest in our programs and want to provide quality products to our puppy buyers should be able to take advantages of any and all opportunities out there for research, investment, and continuing education of our programs. Someone will make money in this industry either way, so it is my belief that those of us who are invested should benefit from our hard work and dedication. 


  • PawTree - food, treats, ear care, health related products such as urinary care, anxiety, puppy mess, joint care, CBD, coat care, etc. These are great products that are geared specifically for certain health related issues. (MLM)

  • Flint Creek Pet Products --Flint creek pet products. Personalized gear for your puppy buyers and your puppy kits, blankets, toys, logo/stickers/bags, available for personalized embroidery etc.

  • Baxter and Bella  You get to provide a discount code to your puppy buyers for an online training program.

  • Puppy Culture - You get money back for your referral/ purchases for an online training program- this is the structured program we utilize for our puppies and buyers can continue where breeders left off

  • Trupanion - You will get to offer your puppy buyers 30 days of free puppy insurance

  • AKC Reunite- Microchips. You can buy them and place them yourself or have your vet insert them. AKC reunite has a program for breeders to earn points on the microchips they buy/pay for. As you earn points you can get microchips at a lower cost and eventually "free" and if you keep in touch with your rep they will let you know when free shipping is!

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