About Us

Kourtney Haddix- Owner of Wyoming Sky Goldens 


Wyoming Sky Goldens is a small hobby breeder of AKC Golden Retrievers since 2009. Our program started in 2009 based out in Montana (formerly known as "Wyoming Sky" ). In 2018, we moved to Gillette, WY.  We are currently living and raising our puppies in Gillette, WY. We are located on 5 acres with plenty of area for our goldens to run. Because our favorite hobbies are out door activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking, snowshoeing, and more, our goldens get to enjoy all these activities as well.  Our first golden was what encouraged us to give other people the opportunity at a well raised golden. She was a sweet girl who always wanted to be by your side. We fell in love with the few litters we had with her and from there we have been able to expand our program and share the love of goldens with our puppy buyers. 


A little bit more about me.

  • I grew up on a ranch in Montana surrounded by many animals. I currently reside in Gillette, Wyoming where I work just over part-time as a Case Manager for a PT clinic in town. Growing up, my mom showed and bred miniature dachshunds (East Front Dachshunds), so I have over ten years of experience with Golden Retrievers, and a lifetime of experience working with dogs. I also enjoy continuing to learn how to train in field and obedience work.

  • How did you get into breeding?

    My mother was a breeder and shower of Dachshunds, so it was natural for me to be introduced to breeding and training. Once I was old enough to get my own dog, I chose a Golden Retriever. My passion for bettering this breed has grown every day I work and train them, including improving our health testing goals and titling. Over the years we have been able to keep in touch with our puppy buyers and improve our breeding program with our future puppy buyers in mind.


  • What makes your breeding program special?

    We have dedicated ourselves to bettering the Golden Retriever breed through health testing, training, and titling our dogs. It is our goal to preserve the reason that goldens were bred for, which is to work and specifically be a hunting companion. Our dogs are not kenneled and live normal lives indoors with our family. They are a part of all the activities we enjoy. We do our best to stay up to date on research and continue to increase the health testing and work we do with our dogs.